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Funlisted Number

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

We’re a few days back from our return to the scene of many crimes, otherwise known as The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ home to Monster Mania 21. What do I mean by crimes? Well, we filmed so many scenes there that one might say we had no right filming that three months later it feels like we stole our movie. A very watchable rough cut is complete, and despite the personal cost of producing this project, it looks far more expensive. Of course, that was the plan. We’re weeks and weeks of sound mixing away from popping the cork, but suffice it to say we’re satisfied at this stage and when our old booth space was made available, we were eager to share the news.

Monster Mania has grown quite a bit since I first walked the aisles of blood-soaked merchandise and ogled genre celebs such as Linnea Quigley, Ken Foree, Doug Bradley, and Gunnar Hansen. This past weekend we had a host of crossover talent on display, such as Anthony Michael Hall, Lisa Marie, David Prowse, and Michael Rooker. Of course, Robert Englund commanded his usual lengthy line (5 hours!) and it doesn’t seem to matter how many times he shows. From all accounts, he delivers with enthusiastic banter and impromptu artwork accompanying each autograph he signs. Lots of love going on, there.

As for our booth, we had a blast meeting dozens of people with nearly every one signing up for our mailing list and a listing in the credits. We gave away two kinds of logo stickers and teaser posters, with our swirl design and Nic’s half-faced teaser being the big winners.

So, the booth and the trailer did it’s job, and we’ll be adding photos of both as well as some of our guests over at our Facebook Page throughout the coming weeks. For now, it’s back to sound mixing and getting the film ready for a possible screening at the end of April.

Lastly, I need to thank all 122 people who signed up for our mailing list and helped us spread some swag. You made our weekend, and we loved meeting and chatting with you. There was also a visit from a couple of cats at FANGORIA, and we’d like to thank them for taking such an interest in our story. We’ve got two to tell, one on the screen and one behind it. Both involve degrees of stress and terror that are always fun…some more in retrospect, but that’s horror, eh?

Once again, thanks Connies, Conners, ex-cons, and continental breakfasts. We’ll keep everyone posted about our possible exclusive FREE premiere at Monster Mania 22 in August. We want to bring it home to the faithful for the price of your signatures. That’s just how we swirl.


Happy Trailers…

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

With enormous thanks to Pete Yorn, Yellow Horse Productions and Publishing would like to present the long-anticipated teaser trailer set to “Vampyre”. If you like what you see, feel free to visit our HorrorCon Facebook page and “Like” the film. This is the first phase of marketing the project, and the more support we get, the better.

We recommend that you select an HD setting (720, 1080) for viewing. Hope you enjoy.

HC Scares Up a Little Press…

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Thanks go out to Michal Sinnott (a.k.a Wendy Whipper) for letting my film hitch its little red wagon to her growing star power. Click on the pic to jump to Backstage’s “Who Got the Part” news feature.