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We’re Descending…

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

…on our final approach. This past weekend went exceedingly well, which means our six days are now down to four. My cast and crew may want to kill me for this (or something else, already) but it feels like we’re finally locked in all the way. To be fair, the learning curve was enormously huge and always changing, and the constant threat of coming up short was always there. Not anymore. Of course, conditions were perfect for us to run around and get what we needed as the hotel was, at last, moderately busy. There was only one wedding, by my count, and Philcon 2011 saw a manageable amount of space traveler traffic. Still, to think that most of us hadn’t laid eyes on each other before the first shoot in March is mind-boggling. As it stands, we’re crossing off the shot list with assured and certain speed, and the stuff looks amazing.

Now we break for that big eating and sleeping holiday before we reconvene at our home away from home on the 3rd of December. It’ll be another two-day session, with stuff that requires a little more complexity than last weekend’s material. However, since rewriting a number of scenes to keep us at one location, I reckon we’ve saved ourselves a lot of time and aggravation. I also feel the energy increasing as the light at the end of the tunnel grows larger and more intense, so that’s good. Real, real good.

As always, there are stills on the Facebook Page. You’ll see a couple of new faces in there (stairwell/hotel desk), and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their time, effort and enthusiasm. They did an awesome job.

Date: December 3-4
Place: Crowne Plaza, Cherry Hill, NJ
Call Time: 1 pm


The End is Nigh…

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

…and in this case, that’s a good thing. We’re drawing on what little energy (and money) we have left to finish strongly, and then it’s time to hunker down for a long winter’s edit. We’ve come a long way – beginning our journey back in March – and a final shoot date has been set in early December, a few days before my birthday. That’s going to be some birthday, let me tell you.

For me, this adventure began on August 27, 2006. That’s the date of a draft email I saved about a film or a miniseries that would take place at a horror convention. In it, I’m hashing out characters in search of a story: a poorly aging starlet, a drug-addled child actor, a snobbish ingenue, a horror author widow, and even a pair of slasher fanatic newlyweds who make a plan to kill themselves on the last day of the convention. There was also a version that included a little vampire girl who fed on conventioneers in her father’s bathtub, and masked serial killers who end up stalking each other in order to claim their turf. It’s interesting to explore how far HorrorCon has come in five years, with those earliest images emerging from a black and white fog like monster films from the 50s.

And yet, rewrites continue to happen. Among them, the very first scene of the film – the very first image – has been drastically changed in order to fit it into our time schedule. I’m being truthful when I say I believe the scene is stronger and more memorable, and I’m looking forward to shooting it this weekend. Funny, also, to think how out-of-sequence our shoots have been. It’s a credit to my actors that they’ve managed to adapt so well. It’s a credit to us all that we’ve made it this far. Just a few more days – six, in fact – and we’ll have plenty to show for our collective efforts.

This movie bears little resemblance to the original ideas from which it was adapted, which makes me wonder if the story has grown or simply shifted focus. I can say that I’ve never lost faith in the story as it stands. I believe in what it’s become, and that’s where my energy comes from, flitting from finger to finger across the spiraling, hypnotic universe that is HorrorCon.

Date: November 19-20
Crowne Plaza, Cherry Hill, NJ.
Call Time: 11 am

See you, there.