The Universe Zigs…

…HorrorCon zags! Goodness, did we have to jump through some hoops to get footage these past two weekends. In no particular order, we were forced to deal with:

Sudden Flocks of Geese
Ill-timed Wind Gusts
Impromptu Wedding Bands
Traveling Swim Teams
Eighteen School Buses
Testy Department of Engineering Heads
Tippy Tappy Renovators
Mid-Afternoon Fire Drills
Intermittent Crotch Rockets
Continuous Airplanes
Shouty Rugby Players
Endlessly Blowing Leaves
Surprise Alarm Clocks
Schizophrenic LED Panels
Powerless Elevators

…and a steady supply of Crowne Plaza Staff Communication Breakdowns. All in all, it cost us approximately three-and-a-half scenes that we won’t be able to recover along with our remaining scenes until early December thanks to some last-minute scheduling conflicts. Do I need to get drunk for the entire month of November? Yes, yes I do.

BUT…despite all of our setbacks, we still do manage to go forward. And I must say, we’re starting to look like we know what we’re doing. The stuff somehow gets better and stays consistent with what we’ve shot since March. The talent is, well, very talented, come to find, and all hands are most definitely on deck. We’re in the fourth quarter and guarding a slender lead. All we need now is to keep focused and tough it out. If suffering the consequences of immense gravity is an indication that we’re destined to make a planet-sized impact, bring on the stupid geese, I say.

Noteworthy amongst our accomplishments was the “band scene” this Sunday past. The venue was astonishingly ideal, The Young Werewolves suave and scintillating in equal measure, and the extras…well, let’s just say I was blown away. About 35-40 of our movie’s closest friends showed up looking fearfully fabulous, and boy did they bring it. We had sexpots, sickos, Superbads and, of course, our always dependable Boardwalk Brawlers. In fact, there was one moment where I afforded myself a few seconds to take it all in.

For the most part, the sight of me during a shoot is one of scowling concentration and furious intensity. There are just so many decisions to be made at once and I’m always trying to think ahead and keep the ship sailing with maximum efficiency. Not only is it a financial issue, it’s a momentum and energy issue, as well. Trade-offs are nonstop, and every second wasted could mean heavy regrets later. Yet, there I was, squatting on the side of the stage ready to restart the music after TYW’s I Can’t Resist ran its course for the tenth time, and it hit me: the enormity of the miracle that was the fantasy before me. Lights were spinning, the band was giving it large for the cameras, and the crowd in front of them were so freaking into it, it was untrue. If every rodeo is like this, get my ass on a bull.

All in all, we stall and crawl, yet we get back up and grab the ball. We’re going to get there, people. And I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that when all is said and done, there will be plenty of taking-in to write about. Oh, yes.

Thank you Team HC, from the cast to the crew to the good people who made Sunday the 16th so special. You are all absolute stars.

As always, Mark Zuckerberg has some stills to share with you.

4 Responses to “The Universe Zigs…”

  1. Jaimie says:

    Hello everyone! I was the big read-headed extra at ‘The Young Werewolves’ scene wearing the hat 😉 I had such a blast on Sunday & can’t thank you enough! Your actors & team were all so great & you could tell they enjoyed meeting all us goofballs :) Thanks for a great time & hey, maybe we could do it again some time! I can’t wait to see the finished product! hoooooowwwwl!

    • Scott says:

      Thanks, Jaimie. You were great, too, and we really dug your hat. :) You’re in a few of the Facebook pics, so check ’em out. And we’ll be back for another scene probably around December, so stay tuned. If you “like” the film’s page, you’ll get the updates.

  2. Jaimie says:

    Thanks Scott! I’ll have the Shewolf keep tabs for me since I have not stepped into this century yet & do not have facebook. haha! You were a doll & if theres anything I can do, just shoot me an email :) I’d love to come out in December! Have a Happy Howloween!

    • Scott says:

      You, too! Oh, and if you haven’t yet, click on the pic at the top of the entry and it’ll enlarge. You should see yourself on the left. :)

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