Sunday Bloody Sunday…

…the sixteenth of October, @ Merighi’s Savoy Inn in Vineland, NJ – friends near and far are invited to participate in an afternoon of horror movie-making magic. I am very pleased to announce that Philly psychobilly legends, The Young Werewolves, will be performing for our cameras, and we could use a few dozen, rabid fans to cheer them on.

There are two scenes to be shot, and as they take place on a Saturday night at a horror convention, appropriate attire is encouraged: zombie get-ups, Goth gods and goddesses, fringe freaks, and black, black, black. This is not a masquerade party, but a horror party. So no cute costumes depicting the Kardashian sisters or anything (although, they can be frightening), but generally creepy is okay.

Also, we can’t have “costumes” or masks that involve recognizable horror characters like Michael Myers or Charlie Sheen due to licensing issues. Keep it generic, if you’re inclined. If you just want to show up in your comfiest duds, that’s fine, too. You would barely know most horror fanatics if you ran into them on the street, which when you think about it, is even scarier.

Shooting films can be fun and most count being involved as a great experience. For those who haven’t done it, it’s important to know that there are lots of times when you’re standing around doing nothing. In fact, most of you will only be required to chat at a reasonably low level and look like you’re enjoying yourself. Others will be asked to cheer for the same thing over and over again as if each time is the first time you’re seeing it. Some of you will be instructed to move this way and that, reacting to something that isn’t there. Sounds like a normal day at work, you say? Excellent.

We can’t promise that your snippet of acting genius will find its way into the final cut. Nor can we pay you outside of some bottled water and high fives. What we can promise is that those in attendance will be part of a first class, professional film production with a handful of talented actors and a killer band. Not bad for an October Sunday afternoon.

We’re still finalizing times, but we hope to begin setting up around 12:00pm, shooting at 2pm, and carrying on until around 7pm (NFL updates available upon request). So, if you’re interested, contact us here in the comments section or on our HorrorCon Facebook Page so that we can get some idea of how many to expect.

Howla back, yo.

– Scott

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  1. i would simply looooove to partake, simply :)

  2. Scott says:

    You’re in!

  3. Scott says:

    Sure, bring her along. If you have a snack, you may want to pack one. We’ll try and have some stuff for the kids, too.

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