Another Hurdle…

…behind us after a weekend at the beach. Cape May Point was as accommodating as we remembered, even if the weather gave us a few scares. But scares are a big part of our business, and one particular bit of footage takes our indie project up a notch in that category. I want so badly to share some of the images, but suffice it to say there was lots of blood, plenty of guts, and no small amount of rage. And that’s just from the crew!

Kidding. There’s still plenty to do, though. By my calculations we need two more hotel interior shoots of 2-3 days each, one hotel exterior shoot of 2 days, and one bar/restaurant shoot all before Halloween. Then it’s single pickups here and there for which I will be mostly drunk. I believe I’ve earned it. We all have.

Thanks again to the Cape May Point massive for being such a sweet, supportive bunch. To have a look at what we were able to do thanks to their good graces, you know where to go.

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