Ghosts From Our Past…

…haunt us for a reason; they remind us that things need fixing. They protect us from ourselves, from others, and sometimes, others from us. Guilt, shame, remorse, Gypsy – whatever the name, our ghosts lash themselves to our rudders and steer us. If we deal with them properly, we might avoid the rocks for the safety of the shore. One thing is certain: they won’t leave until we do.

Similarly, the ghosts of our set have taught us many things. We’re a small crew of varied experience adapting to a business that ain’t no business at all, and we often run into problems. Some of them are avoidable, others are not. All can be learned from, and as we head into the final third of our journey it feels at once like we’re getting close, and that the end is barely in sight. We’re tired, but willing. The stuff is very good – some of it miraculous given our limited budget and resources – and it’s helping to ease the pain on some very sore backs.

Next up is our second Monster Mania convention. We’ve got a few important scenes to shoot among the throngs, and a few added scenes that continue to haunt us from shoots past. The weekend also marks the return of our West Coast contingent, and we’re very excited to see them again. When and where, is as follows:

Thursday, August 18th (10 am) – Sunday, August 21st (late evening), Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ.

And as always, the HorrorCon Facebook Page has a few killer stills from our last shoot.

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