Hotel, No-Tell…

To borrow another line from popular culture, what happens on set stays on set. It’s frustrating when you’ve witnessed some exciting things and can’t tell anyone about them, but you put your film in a much weaker position if you dribble out details without a plan. But allow me to say that we dug our way through some very important scenes this weekend in the midst of two family reunions and one deacon convention. And the only extra expense was a bottle of expensive tequila. Not for us, but for the chap in the room next door who’s date was a little freaked out by Nicole’s screaming, and from whom we wanted as much silence as possible. Everyone ended up happy.

So yes, our crew of ten worked three long days and what we captured invigorated all present and gave the film new momentum. Again, we didn’t get as much done as we may have wanted, but we’re still in sight of our goals and a little wiser about a few things. For one, none of us will eat shellfish that’s a few days old as it nearly cost us our DP. For another, it can be handy to check that your footage is, in fact, alive and well on your memory card before you move on. Little stuff like that can save you lots of time, money and pangs of crushing regret.

The next shoot falls on August 4th and 5th, (and possibly another day before or after to make up for what we didn’t get), and it’s another big one. We’re shipping in a few specialists in the form of some very talented actors, and I’m soliciting the help of friends and family to act as fans of our author character. I’ve got a few takers, but could use a few more. It’s a day of standing around with moments of concerted effort, but there’s food, fame and a few memories for those who make the trip. If you’re reading this and it sounds like your idea of a good time, shoot me an email. Men, women, tweens, teens, and toddlers may apply. If you’re something else, please contact me right away. You’ll be up front.

Indie United HC rides again in a week and change. Until then, here are some stills.

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