A Garden State of Mind

Another weekend, more footage; that’s the short of it. The long version is we embarked on yet another breed of adventure in our journey toward finé. So far, we’ve gone from live convention, to windy beach, to intimate enclosure, to busy motorway (that’s computer-generated motorway for all you insurance companies and film commissioners out there). And again, we lucked out on the weather. Our skies and surroundings remain consistent from March, which for New Jersey is somewhat lucky. That said, New Jersey is known to be pretty schizophrenic, so short of snowfall we might always be able to get away with a few raindrops here and there as long as they don’t ruin our exterior props. Here’s hoping that kind of luck holds up come August when we’re shooting at an outside pool and in a hotel parking lot.

Next up are a few leftover beach scenes – including a particularly striking special effect surprise – and a couple of driving pickups. If all goes well (and it better), we’re back to the hotel for some intense, dramatic sequences. There, we’ll be learning the best angles of a medium-sized hotel room, and how to best tell our story within them. Then we break into the hallways for an impromptu dance number complete with acrobatics. That may or may not be true, but you’ll have to wait and see.

The next shoot dates are as follows:

Beach/Driving Pickups – July 12th and 13th, or 13th and 14th.

First Set of Hotel Scenes – July 21st and 22nd, 22nd and 23rd, or 23rd and 24th

I’ll be updating as I receive final confirmations from cast and crew. Then it’s look out August, here we come. ‘Til then, here are a few more stills for you to look at.

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