Rise, Conners, Rise!

There is shooting to be done, by gods. Specifically, it’s time to finish what we started and start anew. The footage from the Cape May Point shoot has at last been reviewed, and lordy does it look good. The waves continued to crash all day thanks to the high winds and abruptly sloping shore, and while the sun eventually came out and the sky turned blue, there was no mistaking the mood of that beach: angry, insistent…tormenting. There will be some re-shooting – just a few short sequences – another scene shot utilizing a very dead fish, and then it’s off to Eliza’s plagued domicile to get a deeper sense of her doomed existence. If I can find a car that will work as her similarly weathered transportation, we could go into Sunday with a few more scenes.

Speaking of cars, if anyone has or knows anyone who has a small-ish, scratch-and-dent hatchback that they wouldn’t mind renting us for the day (or lending for some sweet prizes/credits), please send me an email or message us on our Facebook page. A picture would be appreciated if you can swing it. Black is very good, but we’re open as long as it says, “artsy, slightly complicated, a little sloppy”. Volkswagen Golfs and the like tend to be cute and Gothic, also a match.

Here are the shoot details:

June 4th (5th) – Cape May Point

June 24-25 – Crowne Plaza Hotel

I’ll be sending individual emails with further instructions as soon as I figure out what the hell that means. Suffice it to say there will be more details involving transport, lodging, wardrobe and other minor considerations. In the meantime, head on over to the HorrorCon Facebook Page and check out some killer stills from the last shoot, and if you’re in a shopping mood, check out our Yellow Horse Productions & Publishing merch shop for some cool HorrorCon shirts and hats! A small portion of the proceeds goes to funding our production.

Take scare!

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