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I thought it was a time to give everyone a quick round-up of what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Yellow Horse Productions, as well as what’s happening with some of our cast and crew. Then maybe I’ll let you all know about the PVC drainage tube attached to the heater in my attic that has come loose from the side of the condo. It’s been banging a lot in the wind and it’s really annoying. I’m sure you’ll want to know more.

In a tense scene, Francis (Ray Turturro) chases down Eliza (Nicole Vogt-Lowell) to tell her she has toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

First of all, I’ve been editing an assortment of sequences together in hopes that they cut well enough to not have to re-shoot. The good news is that I think I can get most if not all of the footage to work, which is really good news when you consider that I couldn’t re-shoot any of it. With a minimum of dialog dubbing and a little creative splicing, I should be able to put something together that more than does the job. Conditions were brutal, and we had to stick and move like a team of boxers. To have anything usable at all is a miracle. To have the loose, rock-and-roll style footage we have is even more of a miracle. It’s like a double-miracle latte with a shot of cool.

The next shoot date has been set to take place on Saturday, April 30th. We’re shooting some intense scenes on the beach, and for those who know the script, you know what that means. Reading these scenes is difficult for me. Shooting them is going to be quite the emotional adventure. We’ll be rehearsing them Friday night, so I’ll be hoping my cast and crew arrive with plenty of time to plan them out.

Photo courtesy of the very manly "Women's Poker News".

Also, congratulations to a couple members of our cast for their work on other projects. Erik Audé (pictured) got his behind handed to him by none other than Jason Ritter (son of John Ritter) during a bar scene in an episode of “The Event”. You can watch the episode in its entirety here, or you can just jump to 17:30 to see the beating go down. It looked like Hollywood-style mismatch magic to me until I learned Ritter plays an alien. Best not to mess with the green people, buddy, although I still think you got robbed.

In other cast member news, our resident Roma Gypsy, Evgeniya Radilova, is being singled-out by critics for her laudable portrayal of a thwarted bride-to-be in the Marvell Repertory Company’s production of Federico Garcia Lorca’s Blood Wedding.

Evgeniya (right) wrestles a woman for the last "musical chair". Or something close.

What they’re saying is pretty heady stuff: “Radilova’s smoldering performance marks her as a young actress definitely worth watching…” (theatermania.com), “She also has the rare gift of portraying uncontrolled passion without making it look ridiculous. Her character’s struggle with her emotions is painfully visible and vividly real…”, (curtainup.com), and one critic even used her performance to comment on the productions as a whole by recalling, “the beautiful naturalness and magnetic performance of the bride (Evgeniya Radilova) whose authentic accent only puts undo emphasis on the others who haven’t one…” (oscaremoore.com).

So, yeah, I’m a little proud of my peeps. And there’s plenty news of their triumphs to come, so watch this space. Now, for those of you who skimmed all of the above to find out what happened with my drainage pipe, you’ll be happy to know that I called my HVAC service company and they’re heading out today to re-clamp it to the side of the building. That should stop the banging.

It would appear we’re all winners, today.

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