HorrorCon: The Story

In a very real way, the story of HorrorCon is as much a shape-shifter as any element within the genre. It began as a screenplay, transformed into a novella, returned to screenplay form, and is at last being adapted for the screen with digital media. Its soul remained consistent throughout, however: a love song for the disenfranchised and beautifully macabre. I’ve spent many hours at horror conventions from Orlando to Toronto, and have always felt a thrilling kinship within their confines. What continues to strike me is how an affinity for the dark can be held by so many lovely people. What draws some of us to the night and its colorfully nefarious characters? It could be that, at its core, HorrorCon attempts to answer that question.

Structurally, I was fascinated with the idea of imaginary horror on the ground, and real-life horror above. Combined with an oddly charming friendship escalating into heart-tugging tension, I began referring to the narrative as “Lost in Transfusion”, as the film by Sofia Coppola from which the working title was derived inspired a compelling format: hotel + inner chaos = an ethereal mix of dramatic intrigue. Once I added the atmosphere of a horror convention, I was afforded a whole new vein of thematic material from which to mine.

But what, precisely, is there to explore? Could it be that horror and dark fiction present to some of us an arena in which we can lash out safely? Are the monsters outside meant to to do what those inside cannot? Or do we simply feel less alone knowing that suffering can be as important as traipsing blithely through this world? Perhaps, among the fearful and the feared, we can be counted.

To my cast and crew and everyone that finds this film, thank you for joining me in this journey.

Scott Norton

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