Wendy Whipper: Michal Sinnott

The character of Wendy was the very last role filled. In many ways, she was the most important character in the film because she represented horror fans to her core. The convention was her planet; its people, her subjects. You get the feeling she has something of a hard time of life when she’s not strutting her stuff around its “hellowed” floors. Casting her began with taking a shot at actresses with a very specific look, to finding the “real thing”.

Then inspiration hit – or more accurately, Michal. We’d be in contact since the beginning, and she understood the story and characters so well. Easily, one of the finest actresses I’d seen during the audition process, the film kept telling me it needed her and finally delivered with an idea: Wendy, as I had written her, was wrong. She was a tough chick with a squishy heart, alright, but she was hell on wheels for a reason: she wore them. Skates, specifically. Michal jumped in with both sets and has floored me with her research on the roller derby queen who isn’t so tough off the flat track.

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