Eliza Lowell: Nicole Vogt-Lowell

The first thing you may notice about Nicole is that her last name eerily matches the last name of the character she is playing. Before you think I forced her to add anything in a moment of method madness, I’ll tell you that it was just one of those happy accidents that happens when a project is generating its own gravity. And to play Eliza, you most certainly needed to understand all matters grave.

Enter Nicole, who shared with me a somewhat nomadic upbringing that seemed to inform her understanding of being disconnected, and also her comfort at new challenges. Watching her is watching pure, innate talent in action. I don’t think I took a single breath the first time I heard her read.

Nicole’s only just beginning in the industry, but the instant you meet her you know there’s something truly special about her: a friendly, free spirit with perfect emotional pitch. Part bohemian with delightful hints of gypsy, she’s a huge force of nature in a pretty, petite frame. There are many wonderful worlds in this one, and I’m honored to have her aboard.

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