Dr. Dmitrije Radan: Chris Kies

When I first envisioned the character of Dmitrije Radan (de – MEE – tree  ruh – DAN), I kept seeing Anthony Hopkins in my head. The good doctor was senior and slow, sidling up to Eliza’s booth like a weary, old vaudeville vet. I needed him to be lonely and vulnerable, yet wise with a touch of inner power. Only Hopkins could do it, or so I was convinced.

As it turns out – and I’ve been saying this far more often than I care to admit – I was wrong. Chris completely rewired my thinking on Dr. Radan, and I didn’t have to sacrifice those qualities that made the character and the story click. Kies can add hard miles with a slouch, and in the next moment bring the leading man with a squint. What’s more, he’s got the energy to keep up with Nicole. His commitment to the role makes me feel privileged, and there has been for some time now only one man who could do the job.

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