Dane Harding: Erik Audé

The character of Dane Harding required an actor with good looks, an imposing physique, and the willingness to accept a sharp kick to the ego. Trolling for a fit brought varying degrees of luck. As luck had been having it, lately, I happened upon an actor that suited the role, and then some.

Erik Audé went from actor, to unyielding survivalist, to poker champ, and back to actor in a story that rivals any scriptwriter’s wildest adventure fantasies. More importantly, he had talent. He’s one of those guys whose acting reel and real-life-reel is arguably more interesting and exciting than most tent-pole films. And he sported a list of credits that tempted me to contact him out of the blue.

With little fanfare, he expressed he wanted in. I weighed what I knew, and hey…if you’re making a serious horror film and you don’t hire a guy with the nickname “Death Row”, you might as well hang it up.

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  1. Sherry Aude says:

    Erik has always wanted to be an actor. As young as two, I found him three stories up in a tree, with the look of “AWH” on his little face, because he could see almost the whole area. He started rolling down the stairs shortly after. When I asked him what he was doing, he simply explained, “I’m practicing to be a stunt man”.

    It was very difficult to stay upset with Erik, he was so truthful about everything and now his “DREAM” seem to be coming true. Thanks for seeing Erik for what he is….a actor, comedian, stuntman, lover, hardcore ass, and blessed enough to hang in there with the believe, “This “No” is just one closer to my “Big Break”, I hope `~)

    • Scott says:

      Thanks for your comments, Sherry. Nice of you to share.

      I was pretty excited when Erik decided he wanted to be part of this project. I’d been having very little success in finding the right actor for Dane Harding that came close to fitting my mind’s eye. If I recall correctly, I basically stumbled upon Erik after spotting his head on an acting website. After some digging, I was as intrigued about the man as I was about the actor.

      Erik brought his A-game to his scenes and I think I speak for everyone on set when I say we had a blast watching him work. He kept the atmosphere light but professional, and most importantly, he made me look good. :)

      Glad to see he’s realizing his dream. Hopefully, this film will continue to help him achieve similar heights as that three-story tree.

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