Round two/Boys Out, Babs In…

Frost forms fast upon my furrowed brow, yet I dare not be deterred. Why am I speaking like Anthony Hopkins in search of a play? And in italics, no less? Mostly, because it’s fun – especiawwy when yew wips aw fwozen. But also because it sounds brave, and bravely we forge, once again, to the rugged shores of Brooklyn for our second round of auditions:

Dates: January 7th and 8th, 2011

Times: (Friday) 4:00 pm – 9:00pm, (Saturday) 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Place: 231 Norman Ave., #201, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (Between Russell and Henry streets)

Again, these times are tentative until I hear back from all those interested in attending. For most, I’ll be in touch with you individually as some of you will be reading with one another. For others, contact me for specific times and we’ll see what’s available.

In other news, after much consideration and cooperation with the supremely gracious Gerard McMahon, I have nonetheless decided to withdraw my pursuit of obtaining a synchronization license for “Cry Little Sister”. This also means the script will now have to be changed to reflect the decision. So as much as I loved the plot and character connection with The Lost Boys, I don’t think I’d be able to afford it even if my proposal were to find its mark. But fwet not, conventioneers, I have a backup plan:

Nightmare Castle. The Mario Caiano cult masterpiece involving back-stabbing, castle-dwelling lovers falls cooperatively into the “public domain” category, which means I can actually incorporate clips of Goth Goddess Barbara Steele directly into the action, if I like. Does it strike the same kind of innocently romantic note as the Warner Brothers classic? No, no it does not. But it will add a great deal more serious horror-cred to proceedings, and the rewritten opening scene is gloriously sexy and camp. And c’mon, how can one complain about Barbara Steele? At least she’s still black-swanning around the convention circuit, so I’m proud to salute her exquisite beauty and important body of work.

With that, I bid you leave. Hopefully, I’ll have more to report in terms of music licensing in the next update. I’m currently seeking permission for a variety of psychedelic, shoe-gazing and boot-stomping tracks from the likes of Tamaryn, Kristin Hersh, Light Asylum, The Black Ryder, Washed Out, Valet, No Joy, Linda Perhacs, and more. If things work out, it’ll be an all-out, indie affair with some underground unearthing and smart, cult, jib-cutting. You ask me, that’s where we belong, anyway.

Until next time, Conventioneers™!

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