Round One…

…and we’re rolling. Seriously rolling. It’s hard to describe the feelings that swanned through me as I met with all the brave, brilliant and beautiful people who showed up at HorrorCon Headquarters to help breathe life into the vision. Humbled and grateful would be a good start, but those sentiments are quickly overtaken by excitement and hope. Of course, the old feelings of regret for not being able to hire all of you on the spot are still there, but as I tucked away head shot after head shot, and loaded minute after minute of tape, I knew I was building relationships with some of the hungriest, most talented, and just flat out coolest group of actors the greater New York area has to offer. And believe me, folks, I’ve got a stack of material waiting in the wings.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s still all to do, and I am currently exchanging emails and ideas with some of you about the best time to host round two. Some of you prefer weekdays, and that can be arranged. Some may be better with weekend nights, so a Friday – Saturday thing might work better than Saturday – Sunday. I’d love to hear from more of you, so tag me with your thoughts.

Also, it appears that the next round will involve combined reads, as well as first shot solo sessions. I’ll likely split those up between the days, if possible. If not, well, we’ll make do, won’t we? Yes we will, so check this space.

And thank you all for your enthusiasm, effort and artistry. You’ve opened my eyes and my mind, and I am forever grateful for every minute.

UPDATE: the novella, HorrorCon, just got a nice review.

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