…there are cheat sheets available for those who may be a little confused by some of the details of the story. I understand a few plot points are getting lost in the script that I’m hoping will be clearer on screen, so if you’re one of those who would like to catch up, just email me and I’ll send the explanations out to you.

And if you’re planning on attending the auditions this weekend, the times are posted again below. A few self-starters have locked in times to meet with me, so if you’re pressed for time (I know, silly “if”) you may want to set something up sooner than later. If you’re not able to get it together, don’t worry. This time of the year is a real bear, and I’ll be posting new dates for after the New Year. But if you’re one of those who believe that getting in early and making an impression gives you the edge, hopefully I’ll see you at the Brooklyn space this weekend.

Really looking forward to meeting you all. Travel safe, and stay warm.

Dates: December 4th and 5th

Times: 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm (more or less)

Place: 231 Norman Ave., #201, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (Between Russell and Henry streets)

Other Stuff: Come in ready to read whatever you want: monologue, cereal ingredients, the riot act – my mind is open. I’m mostly interested in seeing you in your read, so I’m not expecting anyone to nail any of the roles. If you do plan on reading from the script, there will be a few available so no need to schlep one with you unless you have notes, etc.

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