Happy New Year…

…to all of my Conventioneers™! It’s been quite the journey bringing my vision to life, and I’ve only just begun. I’m so thankful for everyone I’ve met, even those who simply sent in their photo and resume back in July. I’ve seen your faces numerous times, read about your experiences and passions, and count all of you as 8 x 10 gifts bestowed upon me in a challenging, but wonderful year. Best to you all, if you’re reading this, and be well.

With my limited perspective on making and promoting books and films, I refuse to see it as a hard-knock business full of rejection and pain. Even if the great majority of us never fulfill our dreams as we originally envisioned them, the joy is in the process and having the opportunity to express our art and craft. I always believed that if you were true to yourself and remained honest in your pursuits, you would find gold. It may not look like gold to everyone, but to you it would shine like a thousand stars.

May you all have full hearts in the coming year, and for those that I’ll be working with this time around, see some of you in Brooklyn on the 7th and 8th, and others in a few months. I only hope I can contribute to what I’m confident will be a magical 2011 for everyone.

– Scott

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