Still Kickin’!

Ingrid Pitt is pleased to announce that has accepted HorroCon‘s crowd-funding proposal.* YHP&P is still in the process of producing a short video with yours truly to help generate donations, so I can’t link to the page just yet. But I can tell you that the entry will be titled, HorrorCon: an “Indie” horror film.

I chose to promote HC’s quieter, more auteur nature for a couple of reasons. For “starters”, I think it’s important to differentiate yourself when you’re promoting a product. The synopsis can only do so much. Secondly, while I don’t want to scare away any horror-heads who may enjoy slasher/monster/zombie type fare (after all, I’m one of them), I want to reach out to lovers of character-rich, independent cinema, as well. I’m hoping I can do both with my approach. Make no bones about it, setting is key, but story is king, here.

In other news, I’ve gotten clearance for the location that will be used for Eliza’s apartment. Thanks, Joe. Preferred libation, forthcoming.

*courtesy of my imagination

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