Audition Dates!

Here’s the info so far, gang…

Dates: December 4th and 5th

Times: (tbd)

Place: 231 Norman Ave., #201, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (Between Russell and Henry streets)

At this point I’m thinking of keeping a window open between 1:30 and 4:00 on both days. That should be long enough to decide if I want to jump out of it.

Just kidding! I’m really looking forward to meeting all those who can attend. If you need time outside of that window, or you can’t make one or more of those days, contact me and we’ll work something out. For those who can do it, be prepared for videographic and photographic documentation, and come ready to read your choice of pages from the script. I’ll try and give you as much time as circumstances allow. That goes for me, too, as I’m sure I’ll want to know as much about each of you as I can. I might dissuade you from leaving behind childhood yearbooks and baby pictures, though. Let’s retain some mystery, shall we?

Other news…

I’ve booked two rooms at the hotel: an executive suite that will serve as Dr. Radan’s room, and a regular room that will double as Eliza’s room and cast dressing room. While I’ll be offering travel to and from the shooting location to comfy lodgings at the shore, I don’t see why the room can’t be used as on-site lodging, as well. My leads may like to spend some time in them or something, but we can work this out later.

The Kickstarter campaign is ready to go, but I’m holding off until after the New Year. By then I’ll have my cast and crew and they can assist me in promoting it. The more traffic we drive to the site, the better. Between us, we’ll have hundreds, even dozens, of Facebook friends to shake down. Fun!

I’ll also have some artwork to share very shortly: Dr. Radan’s book cover and signing poster, and the Landmine one-sheet in particular. They’re looking awesome, so check back.

Okay, that’s it. Hope to hear from everyone soon.


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